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Aug 18

Sometimes I miss cutting. Is that weird? I look at my scars with pride sometimes. Other times I despise them. But right now I’m looking at them with longing, wanting to add fresh ones to the mix.

Jan 15

stayweirdcrazyandfab said: How can you stay strong? Like really. How can you hold back tears and put the negative what-ifs in the back of your head? Me, I just can't do it. How?

so i haven’t been on here in a really long time so i’m not sure how long this has been here but i hope you see this now!! sometimes you really can’t hold back tears. you just have to let them fall and that’s okay. it doesn’t mean you’re not strong. it means you have FEELINGS which is a beautiful thing and you should embrace them and acknowledge them. but it’s then realizing what they mean and just pushing through the bad feelings to know that there will be good things to come. it’s a constant thought process and sometimes it feels hopeless but that’s really all you can do. what you think you become. 

Mar 08

3 cuts. on my stomach. why. why did i do this to myself. oh because i’m fat that’s why. i’m not giving up on my recovery. i’ve come this far. one slip. no more.

Feb 20


The sun will set on this, my dear, Your labors aren’t in vain. You’re blistered and you’re burned from it, Your wounds are gonna heal. Steadfast, my love, The end is near. Just keep your eyes ahead. Grab hold of me, I’ll help you there. You’re never on your own, You’re never all alone.

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Feb 13

Thinking about suicide?


Please, please really think about this. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem. These feelings, thoughts, acts of self-mutilation are just temporary. You think it’s never going to end. The crying. The tears. The cutting. The burning. The skipping meals. The purging. But in reality, once you choose to start being happy and start noticing that you are worth everything… things are going to seem easier. I know where you are, right now. I did think about suicide and I was going to act on it. It took me a couple years to actually realize that I am worth something. Whoever told you your life wasn’t worth the fight, they were wrong. You are worth everything. 

The problems you have a just a grain of sand, however, to us it’s like a huge mountain that you feel like you can never get over. But, you can. 

I know things are hard, but I am here to help you.

Please, stay strong.

You are beautiful.

You are worth everything.

You are special, and put here for a reason.

Stay Strong.

Much love, xo.

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Feb 12


Jan 27

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Jan 22

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Jan 20

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